Vintage Style Verjus Label

Verjus Label for Alexandria Nicole Cellars

I recognize that almost nobody knows what verjus is, but I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to not only design the label for this product, but also to actually make the stuff while I was working for Alexandria Nicole Cellars.

Verjus is a culinary product that is made from unripened grapes, and used to be a popular ingredient in European cuisine. It has recently had a bit of a resurgence in popularity, and it is a great way for vineyards to produce a product that they can sell from fruit that would normally just rot on the ground in vineyards. No fermentation takes place with this stuff, so it is basically just sour grapes. Verjus makes a pretty tasty alternative to vinegar in a salad dressing, but my favorite application for it is for use in cocktails.

I really wanted to go with the theme of this being a kind of old-school product, so I chose to go with a bit of a “vintagy” look for the label design.

I am a renaissance nerd. I am an obsessive. Currently, my interests are most focused on things that you can imbibe (wine, beer, spirits), on the world of design and hand lettering, and on soccer (specifically Liverpool Football Club and the Seattle Sounders)

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