Don’t Call it a Comeback

Probably most of the people who read this post will be here because they either know me personally, or because they know me from the wine blogging world. For those who don’t know me, I wrote a wine blog/wine cult that went by the moniker, Vinotology. As I made my transition into working in the Washington wine industry, I sort of allowed the blog to end, T.S. Elliot-style, with more whimper than bang. After spending an inordinate amount of time “planning”, which is my euphemism for “procrastinating”, I am finally launching a new blog, which you now find yourself perusing.


The focus of this blog is significantly different than my previous effort. Vinotology was very specifically focused on the wine world, but I am a self-described “renaissance nerd,” and I’m just not sure that I can focus on a single topic in my writing over the long term, at least not without the aid of some sort of medication. Not only that, my poor wife has had to listen to me ramble on constantly about my various obsessions du jour, and I feel like it might in the best interest of marital harmony that I find another outlet for my rambling.

With all of this being said, I also realize that a blog of any quality has to have some kind of structure to it. I know that nobody wants to have unfettered access to my ADD addled mind. Most of the time I’m not even sure that I am entirely comfortable with weathering the constant tidal wave that is my stream of consciousness. As such, I am going to place a few borders on the sprawling wasteland that is my mind.

One area that I will continue to explore is the world, ingestible. While wine is still my primary liquid love, I also consider myself to be a promiscuous drinker, who is just as likely to order a beer or a cocktail as a glass of vino. And my taste obsession doesn’t stop with beverages, so food will also be a part of what I cover here.

I also want to focus on my local community. Since moving to Spokane in May, I have really loved exploring the area. This is a really cool part of the country, and I want to highlight the things that make this such a great locale. This will tie in well with my food and drink loves, since there are some awesome local restaurants, bars, breweries, distilleries, wineries…, and other gastronomical delights. Stretching out a little bit further, I will also write about Washington State and the Pacific Northwest.

Now and Ben LogoThere is one last piece that will expand the randomness a bit. In addition to my wine work, I also work in marketing and design. I will be posting about my various personal projects, possibly as a mechanism to allow me to talk about whatever random things that I’m into at the time. I promise I won’t get too off track with this part, but I really want this blog to authentically express what I’m doing creatively.

I know that all of this won’t be of interest to everyone, but hopefully some of it will be of interest to a lot of you. I mostly needed to do this because I miss writing for myself. I consult and write on a freelance basis for a lot of different clients, but I have mostly lost touch with writing about the things that really excite me and engage my imagination. That’s what this blog is about, and I hope that you will enjoy reading it and following along with my current journey.

I am a renaissance nerd. I am an obsessive. Currently, my interests are most focused on things that you can imbibe (wine, beer, spirits), on the world of design and hand lettering, and on soccer (specifically Liverpool Football Club and the Seattle Sounders)

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